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Our Core Values

We believe in transparency.

Transparency of sourcing, knowing the farmers that raise our chickens.

Transparency of how we make our products and what’s in them.

Finally, transparency of who we are as a family and Chef-led business that is making delicious and simple food for you.

We believe in compassion.

Compassion for the animals we use in our products, ensuring humane standards are met.

Compassion for the people we serve, and compassion for each other.

We believe in changing the world one chicken nugget at a time.

We believe in team, and strive to support our small yet mighty one that supports us in and out of the office every day.

We believe in trust.

Trust that we are making the cleanest, most sustainable products for families like ours, and working to change the food system.

Trust in each other and trust in our instincts.

Our business is based on the founding principle of love after which all good things follow.