Washington Post feature on Hip Chick Farms and chicken nuggets

2017 was the year of Chicken Nuggets

Last year was an amazing year for Hip Chick Farms and chicken nuggets! We’ll let the Washington Post tell it…

“It was the year of women’s angerThe year of the filter bubbleThe year of sexual misconductThe year of the pop-culture female gazeThe year of Fiona the Hippo.

But really, 2017 was the year of chicken nuggets.

Think of the comeback these humble little hunks of breading have been through. Only a few years ago, we were afraid that our nuggets were made of “pink slime,” a distressing mixture of mechanically separated meats and additives. But this year, nuggets seemed to be constantly in the news — and usually, for positive reasons. Take a look at all the chicken nugget news this year:

Sept. 22: The founders of “the world’s first nugget tasting room” are interviewed by The Washington Post about their “flights” of chicken nuggets. Hip Chick Farms is “taking something that’s not considered healthy and making it beautiful,” co-founder Serafina Palandech said. She and her partner, a former Chez Panisse chef, emphasized the wholesome origin of their nuggets: They come from poultry that is non-GMO, humanely certified, free range, natural and organic, raised without antibiotics or added hormones.”

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